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The Wiggles Taking Off!


Oct 6, 2013

Sun 4:00 PM

513 Thirteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20004



  • The Wiggles

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The Wiggles: Since 1991, The Wiggles have been one of the top children's bands in the world. The Australian group's members have taken their backgrounds in professional music and child development and created the perfect blend that has excited children -- and their parents -- for years. Their music recalls a '60s pop sound while their educational theory is based around positive reinforcement and a child's egocentric nature. In addition to albums, The Wiggles have also created hit videos, a hugely successful TV show, toys, and elaborate live performances. In honor of The Wiggles' 20th Anniversary, they are embarking on a number of worldwide tour dates in 2011, with a great likelihood that they'll be visiting a town near you!

The origins of The Wiggles began with an 80s pop band called The Cockroaches, of which Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt were members. After the band broke up, Anthony decided to receive his degree in early childhood education, making friends with musicians Greg Page and Murray Cook. As a class project to demonstrate the concepts they had learned, the trio decided to rework The Cockroaches' songs to create children's music. They brought in Jeff Fatt to play keyboard for the project and eventually recorded a full album in 1991.

The Wiggles adopted a DIY-ethic in their early years, producing their own merchandise, scheduling their own tour dates at pre-schools, and setting-up their own equipment. The quartet continued to independently produce albums and videos when, in 1997, Twentieth Century Fox gave them their own feature length movie. The Wiggles decided to move to TV and took their show to Channel Seven, eventually moving to the ABC after the show proved a success. Lyrick Studios agreed to distribute the group's videos while The Wiggles attempted to make it big on tour dates in the US. The distribution of the videos became a huge success, and Disney began airing the show as a major part of Playhouse Disney's programming.

In 2005, Greg Page was diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance, a disease that affected him on tour dates. Page retired and was replaced by Sam Moran, who had already appeared on the show and replaced Page on over one hundred occasions during tour dates. In 2009, The Wiggles ended their relationship with Disney and signed an exclusive deal with Sprout, which meant that all Wiggles programming would now be featured on the digital cable channel.

After years and years of entertaining children all around the world, The Wiggles are celebrating their 20th birthday with The Wiggles Big Birthday Party. This will include 2011 tour dates all around the world, which are currently in progress in the UK. The group will make a special appearance at Tropicana Field in Florida on July 3, where they will perform after the Tampa Bay Rays vs. St. Louis Cardinals game. The Wiggles have numerous dates in North America on their official concert schedule, beginning on July 8 in Dallas. Canadian dates are intermingled with US dates on the concert schedule, and tour dates in 2011 will end on August 14 in Los Angeles.


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